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A Revolution Has Come To Online Dating

There is truly a revolution going on in the online dating services industry. And it is one that is far overdue. For years online dating has been provided by websites that provide access to dating profiles, addresses and emails for a monthly fee.

Here is how it worked:

1. The subscriber signs up and pays a monthly fee on his credit card. This is a recurring fee that is charged each month whether or not the user is happy or even uses the service at all.

2. The user sets up his profile, puts out a picture and uses the site's database of available singles to find someone to talk to in hopes of setting up an online date.

3. The website provides other services like articles and testimonials and of course lots of links to other sites where you can spend money.

Dating Share is a true revolution in how online dating is handled. We have eliminated the monthly fees and a lot of the hassle and worry that online dating sites were known for. We adapted the same kind of service that you use for file sharing and downloading music to the online dating arena and are offering a truly innovative approach to dating online.

With Dating Share the system is much less expensive and provides a lot more service to you.

1. You download the software and try it free for a trial period. If you like it, you buy it one time and that's it. No monthly recurring fees. You OWN it from now on.

2. Dating Share puts you in contact with online communities so you are in real interaction with others who are looking into online romance. You can have online conversations through Dating Share that are private and unlimited giving you a freedom never before possible with conventional online dating web sites.

3. You get dynamic access to photos and profile information information that is constantly up to date because of the power of the P2P (peer-to-peer) technology, the same technology music download sites use.

Dating Share is guaranteed to work and to provide 10 times the service you ever had before. You get all of this plus up-to-date articles on romance and dating, poems, jokes, advice services and so much more.

Larry Blake is the webmaster of Amazing Dating Tips where he offers cutting-edge tips on all aspects of Online Dating. Its time you took the Free course and downloaded a trial version of this software today at Amazing Dating Tips. You have nothing to lose and the world of romance to gain.

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