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Let Women Talk and Help

Women love to talk (just think of how long they talk on the telephone). Women like to help (just think of a typical "female" job: nurse, kindergarten teacher, geriatric nurse...). Combine those attributes and you got a talk up and running by asking the woman: "Could I ask you for help? Could you tell me why/what/how/...". Ask her any question you like as long as the question is non-answerable by a simple "Yes" or "No".

Believe it or not, but maybe you have failed in your last dating attempt because you maneuvered yourself into dead-end answers. If you ask a girl "Have you been long here?" then practically anything she can answer is a dead end. She could answer "No, not long" or "A couple of minutes" but both answers do not lead into a nice conversational flow.

Many men (since men are practical-minded) want a "clear and simple" answer. For dating purposes that kind of "questioning strategy" is absolutely wrong.
Train by simply re-phrasing some of your question. Wrong: "Do you like this place?", right: "What do you think about this place?". You get the idea. In other words: Let her TALK. (This is just a simple example and I am not telling you to ask women that question).

Or ask her something like: "What do you think is the most common flaw men have?" or "I am writing for Could you help me by telling me what feature your ideal man should have?". Let her talk for hours.

Typical "open questions" start with

  • Why....?

  • How....?

  • What....?

  • Where/When.....?

You get the idea.

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